Oregon Green Light Weigh Stations

Project Description:

The Oregon Green Light Pilot Project was initiated in 1995 to add automated preclearance to existing weigh station facilities. The project was successful in improving enforcement effectiveness and has become a milestone in the development of ITS technology for commercial vehicle operations (CVO) in the United States. IRD designed, supplied, and installed each of the 22 weigh stations in partnership with the Oregon DOT.

A typical Oregon Green Light enforcement facility includes a preclearance/sorting system on the mainline employing weigh-in-motion (WIM) scales and pole-mounted automatic vehicle identification (AVI) readers that interface with the state's computer databases. The preclearance system is capable of checking the compliance of commercial vehicle configuration, axle weights, and the credential records related to vehicle specific registration, tax payments, and safety as the vehicle approaches the weigh station. Upon processing the vehicle information, the driver is signaled with an in-cab device to either bypass (green light) or report (red light) to the weigh station.

The vision of the Green Light Project was to automate commercial vehicle operations in the State of Oregon. This included automating truck inspection stations along the two interstate corridors, the primary highway system, and both the secondary and county systems. The Green Light Project is a national prototype model for the electronic preclearance of commercial trucks.

For more information on the Green Light Weigh Station Preclearance system, please visit the website: Green Light Weigh Station Preclearance.



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