Goethals Bridge Virtual Weigh Stations

Project Description:

The Goethals Bridge consists of two cable-stayed bridges, one for each direction, joining New Jersey to Staten Island in New York City. Two IRD Virtual Weigh Station (VWS) systems were designed into the bridge replacement project, one on the New Jersey side for the eastbound traffic and one on the New York side for the westbound traffic. The end user is the NJ/NY Port Authority with Kapsch being the ITS integrator and our direct customer. Each VWS system is an independent 3-lane system with two side view cameras and three infrared License Plate Reader (LPR) cameras.

The New York side has inline Single Load Cell (SLC) weigh-in-motion scales while the New Jersey side has staggered SLC scales. The New Jersey side was designed with staggered SLC scales to compensate for the road curvature and changing slopes in the roadway, which can affect weigh-in-motion (WIM) accuracy. The staggered scale layout allows the system to weigh the vehicles in two different locations as it passes through the system. This increases the accuracy of the system by helping to cancel out the increased vehicle dynamics resulting in a very accurate WIM system. All the lanes were calibrated with two trucks and speed bins resulting in 1% or less average error and 1.5% or less standard deviation in all lanes.

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