Georgia DOT Virtual Weigh Stations

Project Description:

The GDOT Statewide WIM Project is designed to save money, reduce the amount of fuel used and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by minimizing the time that commercial vehicles have to wait at inspection stations. Time and money savings
are a benefit for the trucking industry and the State of Georgia. The Georgia Motor Carrier Compliance Division benefits by using the mainline WIM scales as a primary method for prescreening vehicles, enabling them to better focus efforts at the weigh stations on inspecting trucks with potential size, weight, or safety issues.

Case Study: Georgia DOT Traffic During 2017 Hurricane Evacuation

Georgia Motor Carrier Compliance Division (MCCD), the agency responsible for weight and safety enforcement in Georgia, contacted IRD in advance of Hurricane Irma’s landfall in order to see what features they could use to monitor the traffic at their weigh stations and provide useful information to internal and external stakeholders.


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