Colombia Weigh Stations

Project Description:

Facacativa Ramp Sorters: IRD supplied two (2) ramp sorters to CCFC, as well as installation, installation supervision, and an extended 2-year warranty and maintenance. The names of these two (2) sites are Río Bogotá and Corzo. They are located near the city of Bogotá on the highway to Medellín. IRD Ramp Sorter Systems weigh commercial vehicles in motion prior to the Scale House in order to determine whether a vehicle should be permitted to bypass the static scale or if it must report for further inspection. In addition to sorting vehicles, the system also collects and stores vehicle information, which can then be used for analytical reporting.

Vial del Valle WIM: IRD installed four (4) IRD Bending Plate Ramp Sorter systems near the city of Cali. Each system is a basic IRD ramp sorter. A Bending Plate® scale was installed on the ramp with a Dynax AS400 axle sensor and two loops provided data to a 1068 Unix WIM Computer located next to the roadside in an air conditioned cabinet. The electronics interface to a pair of green arrow LCS installed together on an overhead pole. As vehicles pass, the LCS loops positioned in the roadway turn the LCS off. Data is transferred to an operator terminal via a fibre optic network from the WIM Computer and is displayed using the IRD Java Windows Displays.

Concay Weigh Stations: This project, located 20 km west of Bogota, consists of two (2) single direction weigh stations. Each has a Bending Plate DOS sorter providing mainline sorting vehicles with a Windows terminal at the station house. The static weighing system was provided by other members of the concession and provides weight enforcement. The mainline sorter system consists of a Mainline Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) system and Station Computer.

Malla Vial del Valle WIM Sorter Systems: These systems are WIM sorters consisting of two (2) Bending Plates, one (1) Dynax sensor and five (5) loops per system. One green arrow light was also provided to signal vehicles into the station. The station house is equipped with an operator display. Fiber optic cabling was used between the scale house and the mainline iSINC WIM electronics.

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