British Columbia Golden Mainline Weigh Station

Project Description:

IRD has designed, manufactured, and installed a double-sided Mainline WIM System with mainline tracking sensors near Golden, British Columbia.  The WIM system collects axle weight and spacing, vehicle speed, classification and other relevant data.  Simultaneously, the Automatic Vehicle Identification system reads the vehicle’s unique ID and an image of the vehicle is captured by the WIM camera.  All this information is sent over fiber optic cable back to the weigh station building.  If the truck is in compliance, the Changeable Message Sign (CMS) directs it to bypass and its AVI transponder (if it has one) displays a green light.  Alternatively, the CMS tells the driver to report and the transponder displays a red light. The system uses IRD’s iROC software to accomplish the electronic screening processing.

Mainline tracking sensors are used to match the trucks to their Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC) data collected upstream.  This further enhances enforcement.  All vehicle data is saved in a compressed format, complete with date and time.  The user is able to generate reports based on user inputs.

The success of the Golden/Juvis project has led to similar BC MOT projects.

IRD has also implemented a province-wide program featuring Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) Sorter stations and incorporated specific software for use by BC MOT weigh stations. In addition to upgraded software, IRD designed, developed and installed the following AVI Sorter stations in British Columbia:

  • Hunter Creek WB
  • Kamloops WB
  • Kamloops EB
  • Laidlaw EB
  • Nordell EB & WB
  • Quesnel
  • Parksville
  • Vanderhoof
  • Pacific
  • Prince George (Red Rock)
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