British Columbia – Weigh2GoBC Preclearance System

Project Description:

The Weigh2GoBC program allows more efficient movement of commercial vehicles through the province by employing a network of Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) and Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) technologies designed to check commercial vehicles electronically while they are travelling at highway speeds. Once a commercial vehicle has been initially checked at a Weigh2GoBC enabled station, it can be given a bypass (signal) at all subsequent inspection stations for up to the next 24 hours.

Another initiative of the Weigh2GoBC program recently entailed the province of British Columbia (BC) and state of Washington (WA) jointly developing the Commercial Vehicle Data Sharing Program (“Data Sharing”). The Data Sharing initiative offers the automated bypass benefits for vehicles registered in BC and travelling to WA, and also for vehicles registered in WA that are travelling to BC. The system also receives data from Alberta’s Partners-in-Compliance program which enables the carriers and vehicles in that program to be signalled when travelling throughout British Columbia.

The Weigh2GoBC Program was also incorporated into the Golden, B.C. dual-sided mainline WIM sorter which had been commissioned prior to the program’s inception.

The Weigh2GoBC program has been awarded an ITS Canada Award for Innovation.



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