PU200 Piezo Resin

PU200 is a two part resin (Polyurethane Resin and Polyurethane Hardener) developed for installing various types of sensors into the road, whether they are enclosed or are designed to go straight into the road. Approximately one resin kit is required for one 6 foot piezo film or cable sensor.

  • Non toxic/hazardous
  • Winter & summer grades available - works in below freezing conditions
  • Flexible, resists cracking with wear
  • Adheres to most surfaces
  • Quick curing time, traffic ready in approximately one hour
  • One kit per six foot sensor


Full Cure time:
48 hours(15 lbs)
Set time:
10-15 min. at 15°c to 25°c (150g mass)
Pot life:
8-15 min. at 15°c to 25°c (150g mass)
Combined Viscosity:
400-500 poise at 20°c to 25°c
Hardener Viscosity:
2-3 poise at 20°c to 25°c
Resin Viscosity:
550-700 poise at 20°c to 25°c
Combined Density:
Resin Density:
Hardener Density:
Peak exotherm:
60°c (150g mass)
Sure D hardness (24 hours at room temp) :
A: 75 B: 70 after 5 seconds

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