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Piezoelectric Sensors

Piezoelectric RoadTrax BL

The Roadtrax BL Sensor (named for what it looks like—a Brass Linguini) can be installed directly into a slot in the road for permanent applications or taped down for portable applications. Highly accurate for speed and classification, robust, low cost, easy to install, and offering a great signal-to-noise ratio, these sensors offer tremendous value.

Roadtrax BL sensors are unencapsulated, conforming to the road profile and giving a clean easy-to-read signal that translates into accurate vehicle count, speed and Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) data. The BL sensor is available both as a Class I sensor for the highest level of uniformity needed for WIM applications, and as a Class II sensor which is more cost effective for counting, classifying, high speed toll booths, and speed detection.

Both the Class I and the Class II sensors are available in a variety of different lengths from 6 to 13 feet, with standard cable lengths of 100 feet or more (Metric from 2 5.5 meters, cable lengths from 35 100 meters). These sensors are directly compatible with all counters and WIM systems that have piezoelectric input.

  • The BL sensors' unique flat design results in a more accurate count by rejecting road noise and reducing "ghost axles"
  • Constructed with proven components and assembled in a unique way to improve longevity and uniformity
  • Easy installation with relatively small road cut and flexible sensor to conform to any road profile
  • Can be used in portland cement or asphalt
  • Withstands >40 million ESAL (Equivalent Single Axle Loads) with correct installation
  • Detects axles ranging from bicycles to the heaviest trucks
  • Flexible and easily transported; the sensor may be rolled for shipping to the installation site


Output Uniformity: ±20% for Class II (Classification), ±7% for Class I (Weigh In Motion)
Operating Temperature Range: -40ºF to +160ºF (-40ºC to +70ºC)

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