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Occupancy Counter

Designed to help businesses and operators of public spaces monitor occupancy and deal with COVID-19 social distancing recommendations. Count people, show room capacity and display warnings when the occupancy limit is reached. A kit is available for monitoring a single entrance/exit that includes everything you need except a display and HDMI cable. Systems for monitoring multiple entrances and exits are also available.

  • Ensures visitors, customers, and employees have the space they need to be safe
  • Complete kit connects to a display of your choice to provide visual alerts
  • Reliable infrared detection technology
  • Detection across wide entrances (spans up to 10 meters/33 feet)
  • Automatically displays the number of people permitted to enter
  • Fast installation with minimal setup

The occupancy kit contains the following:

1x Sensor network gateway
1x Micro computer
1x set counters(transmitter and receiver)
1x power supply micro computer
1x power supply Sensor network gateway
1x ethernet cable
4x AA 1.5V batteries
1x screwdriver
1x magnetic alignment key
2x locking screws



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