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iTHEIA™ Video-Based Traffic Counting and Classification

The iTHEIA™ Artificial Intelligence (AI) traffic data system provides real-time, video-based traffic counting and classifying. This system relies entirely on AI to perform traffic counts right at the roadside, so there is no need to upload video for third-party processing. The system achieves better than 98% accuracy when counting three lanes of traffic. iTHEIA outperforms radar systems when classifying vehicles into 6 size-based classes.

Setup was designed to be extremely easy compared with other data collection devices. A side view camera and electronics are installed at the roadside. It is often possible to use an existing roadside pole to mount the camera. The portable system includes a touch screen for setup, while the permanent system is managed using a remote interface. The user enters the station description (number of lanes), reviews the camera position and starts counting.

Data is delivered via reporting software, a real-time data stream, or in standard spreadsheet formats. Data is verifiable through video review. It is easy to audit output by analyzing the video. Each vehicle is separately captured and placed in order at the top of the video with the class and lane identified.


  • A new level of counting and classification accuracy
  • Supports 6-Class and FHWA 13-Class schemes
  • No video uploading for third-party processing
  • High-speed traffic data on three-lane roads
  • Bidirectional traffic data
  • Saved video and images provide a convenient tool for quality control/assurance
  • Reliable performance day or night in all weather conditions
  • Portable or permanent installation options

iTHEIA™ AI-enabled, video-based data collection by International Road Dynamics provides accurate vehicle counts and classification.

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