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iTAPCA is an easy-to-use digital traffic counting application designed for real-time collection of vehicle and pedestrian movements. iTAPCA has been developed as a low-cost solution to create efficiencies, while digitizing traffic and pedestrian count data. iTAPCA is a professional, proven, advanced traffic data collector.

iTAPCA was designed to replace current processes using pen and paper or manual clicker counters. The software operates on a 10” Android tablet (sold with the software to ensure optimal performance). Traffic data is recorded by key punching the corresponding direction of vehicle travel on our patented interface design.

iTAPCA was developed by industry professionals and conforms to North American Standards including all 13 FHWA vehicle classifications. It is suitable to use at the roadside, but it also has a video playback count mode for use in the office.

Uses for iTAPCA include:

  • Traffic impact assessments
  • Intersection counts
  • Bicycle counts and movements
  • Pedestrian counts
  • Infrastructure expansion
  • For use in traffic signal timing

iTAPCA’s documented benefits include:

  • Ease of site identification and set-up
  • Reduction in number of field technicians
  • Improved accuracy of collected data
  • Real savings in data processing time
  • Reduced data processing errors
  • Program savings greater than 10%
  • Data ownership by user

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