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iCOMS® TMT & TMT-2 - Doppler Sensors for Overspeed Detection

Doppler Sensors for Overspeed Detection

The TMT & TMT-2 are two doppler sensors designed for vehicle overspeed detection. It allows for the use of one or two relays to regulate Vehicle Activated Signs, and traffic lights.


  • Detection up to 150 m (492’), 1 relay, setting per DIP-Switch


  • Detection up to 120 m (393.7’), 2 relays, setting per RS232 


Above Ground Technology

  • Safer for the traffic engineers, who can stay on the roadside for installation  
  • Less expensive: no roadwork nor traffic interruption needed for installation

Efficient Reliability

  • Frost, snow, fog, etc. have no influence on the radar’s performance
  • No lens to clean means no calibration

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