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iCOMS® I-SAFE 2 SL Radar Speed Sign

IRD's I-SAFE 2 is a Dynamic Speed Display Sign (DSDS) that displays the speed of approaching vehicles. For greater speed-reduction impact, the I-SAFE 2 includes both a 360-LED speed display and a customizable 832-LED matrix for displaying text messages or pictograms. An LED strobe can be set to activate at a user-configured speed threshold.

The I-SAFE 2 is an effective radar sign for portable or permanent speed display applications. The I-SAFE 2 may be used to address public complaints about speeding vehicles, to improve the safety of roadside workers, and to encourage drivers to reduce speeds in school zones.

Two versions of the I-SAFE 2 are available, one with amber LEDs, and one that changes color from green to orange to red based on the driver’s behavior.

The I-SAFE 2 may be used to collect data as it measures vehicle speeds. With the included software, graphs can be generated for traffic volumes by day, average speeds, excess speeds, and 85th percentile speed.

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