iCOMS I-SAFE 2 SL Radar Speed Sign

IRD's I-SAFE 2 is a Dynamic Speed Display Sign (DSDS) that displays the speed of approaching vehicles. For greater speed-reduction impact, the I-SAFE 2 includes both a 360-LED speed display and a customizable 832-LED matrix for displaying text messages or pictograms. An LED strobe can be set to activate at a user-configured speed threshold.

The I-SAFE 2 is an effective radar sign for portable or permanent speed display applications. The I-SAFE 2 may be used to address public complaints about speeding vehicles, to improve the safety of roadside workers, and to encourage drivers to reduce speeds in school zones.

Two versions of the I-SAFE 2 are available, one with amber LEDs, and one that changes color from green to orange to red based on the driver’s behavior.

With its internal radar and removable battery, the I-SAFE 2 is easy to transport and well suited to mobile applications. It can also be powered by a solar system or connected to the local network.

The I-SAFE 2 may be used to collect data as it measures vehicle speeds. With the included software, graphs can be generated for traffic volumes by day, average speeds, excess speeds, and 85th percentile speed.


  • Compact
  • Light
  • Predefined settings
  • Calendar function (up to 4 periods/day)


  • Comprehensive software for data analysis
  • Full standard kit including the fastening system


  • 1 product = 4 power possibilities (battery, solar, public lighting, main power)
  • Possibility to display 3 messages successively for one measure
  • Anti-speed record function
  • Plenty of other options available


  • Amber (yellow) or three-color (green, orange, red) LED display
  • 2 simultaneous text lines
  • 4 power possibilities
  • Setting without PC

System Operation

Adjustable Settings - Choice of predefined setting speed zones (digit encoder) & user-setting zone (USB key)

  • Min. and max. speed displayed thresholds
  • Colour speed thresholds (green, orange, red)
  • Blinking flash threshold
  • Text or pictograms by the user
    • On 2 lines
    • On 1 Big line
    • Pictograms
  • Display intensity
  • Working days/hours

Compact, Easy to Use, and Very Bright

  • Big display board (39 cm) (15.35”)
  • 2 text lines of 9 to 10 characters (user-definable)
  • Mobile and very easy to handle
  • Mounting system suitable to all pole type


  • Bluetooth®
  • GPR



Displayed speed:
From 5 to 199 km/h (3.1 to 123.65 mph)
Measured speed:
From 5 to 250 km/h (3.1 to 155.34 mph)
Digits size:
345 x 520 mm (13.58” x 20.47”) (H x L)
Matrix size:
160 x 520 mm (6.3” x 20.47”) (H x L)/832 leds
Panel size:
775 x 665 x 140 mm (30.5” x 26.18” x 5.5”) (H x L x P)
12.4 kg (27.3 lbs) (without battery)
Environmental protection:
Mounting system:
2 hooks at panel’s rear + 2 specific pole brackets
Operating temperatures:
From -35°C to +65°C (-31°F to +149°F)
Power supply:
12 V DC - rechargeable 12V/24 AH or 220 V (network or public lighting) or solar powered
Depending on the chosen way to power it
Radar frequency:
K band : 24.125 GHz
Transmitted power:
< 5 mW
Communication set-up:
USB (options : Bluetooth or GPRS)
540,000 measures
- PC Running:
Windows XP or higher, minimum 256 MB RAM
- Disk Space:
100 MB
Detection range:
Car: 120 m (393.7’)
Detection range:
Truck: 150 to 200 m (492.1’ to 656.1’)

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