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iCOMS® I-SAFE 1 SL Radar Speed Sign

IRD's I-SAFE 1 is a Dynamic Speed Display Sign (DSDS) that displays the speed of approaching vehicles. The I-SAFE 1 is an effective radar sign for addressing public complaints about speeding vehicles, improving the safety of roadside workers, and collecting data for traffic studies.

The I-SAFE 1 links speed information from an ICOMS radar module to an LED matrix that displays the speed and can also display custom pictograms. Two versions are available, one with amber LEDs, and one that changes color from green to orange to red based on the driver’s behavior. An LED strobe can be set to activate at a user-configured speed threshold.

With its internal radar and removable battery, the I-SAFE 1 is mobile and easy to use. It can also be installed with a solar power system or connected to the local network.

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