DYNAX® Advantage

The DYNAX® Advantage

IRD’s DYNAX® Advantage treadle systems consist of DYNAX® Advantage sensors mounted in a metal frame. The metal frame is installed directly into either asphalt or concrete, allowing for simple, individual sensor replacement. DYNAX® Advantage sensors are secured by removable clamping bars that eliminate the need for subsequent roadway excavation during maintenance. DYNAX® Advantage treadle systems are ideal for use in toll and traffic monitoring applications.

Detect, Count & Classify

Individual DYNAX® Advantage sensors are pressure sensitive strips perfect for counting vehicles in stop-and-go traffic conditions. DYNAX® sensors can be used to detect and classify vehicles. Standard DYNAX® sensors detect axles, while Single/Dual sensors can detect number of tires per axle.

The new DYNAX® Advantage sensor is warranted for 5 million axle hits or 2 years of operation.*


  • Speed independent
  • Works with stop-and-go traffic
  • Many options for configuration
  • DYNAX® sensors are compatible with most treadle systems
  • Convenient maintenance – Minimal Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • Shallow body depth for low profile installations, including bridge decks
  • Interface sold separately

* Dependent upon road conditions, environment, and adherence to maintenance program

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