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WIM Systems

IRD supplies Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) scale and sensor systems for applications including weight enforcement, weight-based tolling (WIM@TOLL®), traffic data collection, border/port security, and weighing at freight terminals. IRD's scales have been used in commercial vehicle weigh station bypass systems for over 30 years.


    The IRD-PAT Bending Plate® is a load cell scale system that fits the requirements for WIM applicati…

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  • Slow Speed WIM (SSWIM®) Scale

    IRD’s Slow Speed Weigh-In-Motion (SSWIM®) Scale can accurately weigh vehicles at speeds between 0…

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  • Single Load Cell WIM (Weigh-In-Motion) Scale

    The IRD Single Load Cell Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) weigh pads utilize a self contained weighing unit, wi…

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  • Precast WIM

    Due to increasing traffic volumes, weigh-in-motion scales and sensors need to be installed quickly t…

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  • Piezoelectric Sensors

    Piezoelectric RoadTrax BL The Roadtrax BL Sensor (named for what it looks like—a Brass Linguini) …

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  • Lineas® Quartz WIM Sensor by Kistler

    The Lineas® Quartz WIM sensors utilize Kistler’s unique quartz technology in order to measure the…

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  • Intercomp WIM Strip Sensors

    Intercomp strip sensors use strain gauge based technology which is utilized in the most accurate veh…

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