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Intersection Detection

Intersection Detection is an essential part of traffic signal control systems. In order to cope with constant traffic growth, these systems need to be optimised for smoother traffic flow, less energy consumption and less CO2 emissions. IRD's microwave vehicle and pedestrian detectors will help you to improve your traffic management systems.

  • iCOMS® ITVP-2 Microwave Sensor

    All-in-One Microwave Sensor for Traffic Signal Regulation The ITVP-2 Radar can detect when a vehicl…

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  • iCOMS® TM60 | TM150 | TMP - Doppler Sensors

    Doppler Sensors for Vehicles and Pedestrians The Intersection product range includes 3 Doppler sens…

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  • TMB-134 Radar for Multi-Lane Intersections

    The TMB-134  is an “all-in-one” multi-lane microwave sensor for traffic signal regulation. How…

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