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TRS and Traffic ACE Counters, Classifiers and WIM Data

The TRS line of traffic counters offers superior data collection capability and flexibility. The standard display is a 4-line by 20-character LCD. The 16 alphanumeric keys allow the user the option to program the unit without the use of a computer. Depending on the application, the unit can be packaged in a weatherproofed portable enclosure or rack mounted for permanent installation. The portable unit can be equipped with a solar panel as an option. Vehicle data can be downloaded from the site without interrupting the data collection process.

Versatile TRS units can be used for many traffic data applications. In the passive mode, they allow government agencies to collect data for congestion management, signal timing and planning. In the active mode, they meet a wide range of ITS requirements.

Select people counters, traffic counters and accessories are available for Canada and U.S.-based customers to purchase online from

TRS Models:

  • TRS
  • Mini TRS Plus
  • Mini TRS
  • Traffic ACE

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