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Weigh2GoBC is a network of Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) and Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) technologies designed to enable more efficient movement of commercial vehicles through the province of British Columbia. Once a commercial vehicle has been initially checked at a Weigh2GoBC enabled station, it can be given a bypass at all subsequent inspection stations for up to the next 24 hours.

IRD provided technology for this program in partnership with the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. While the BC Ministry administers the program, IRD maintains and services the systems and equipment.

The province of British Columbia and the state of Washington have a data sharing agreement allowing automated bypass benefits for trucks in both jurisdictions. The system also receives data from Alberta's Partners-in-Compliance (PIC) program which enables the carriers and vehicles in that program to be signalled when traveling throughout British Columbia.

For information on enrolling in the program please visit the Weigh2GoBC website.

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