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Enterprise Traffic Data Reporting

IRD's Data Collection Analysis and Reporting Systems provide information to enhance decision making.

  • Accurate and reliable Counters and Classifiers
  • Vehicle counts, classification, gap, headway, speed by axle, speed by length
  • Up to eight lanes for vehicle classification
  • Up to sixteen lanes of vehicle count


  • Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) sensors, including: Single Load Cell, BENDING PLATE®, Quartz, and Piezo
  • Permanent, portable, non-intrusive axle detection

Enterprise Software

  • Vehicle and WIM Analysis Software
  • Wheel, axle, and gross vehicle weights, vehicle speeds, and distance between axles (classification)
  • Analysis by classification, speed, time, or weight
  • Reports, including FHWA standard reports
  • Web enabled
  • Multi-language
  • Application Service Provider (ASP)

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