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Virtual Weigh Stations

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

Virtual Weigh Stations (VWS) are Weigh-In-Motion systems that provide vehicle records for enforcement, traffic surveillance and/or data collection in real-time over a computer network connection to a laptop, tablet, mobile device or workstation computer.

The use of an IRD VWS system benefits the transportation agency, the trucking industry, and the general public in many ways, including:

  • Protection of pavement and bridge structures against premature damage due to overweight vehicles
  • Policing of trucks on secondary roads attempting to bypass main inspection stations
  • Better identification of potential violators, leading to more efficient enforcement
  • Increased resources to focus on safety issues
  • Better data collection to improve road design
  • Optional e-screening against Federal and State credential and safety databases using iROC

In this short video, Tom Der, IRD's Director of Sales, provides an overview of IRD's Virtual Weigh Stations.


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