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Safety Systems

IRD's Safety Systems provide economical solutions to address specific traffic safety issues. The systems are based on using relevant information gathered on traffic, vehicle, and/or roadway characteristics to make informed decisions in real time to alleviate potentially dangerous situations. The underlying principle behind the systems is that a realistic and relevant warning activated for a particular situation will be more effective than general measures which are easily ignored.

  • Tire Safety Screening - TACS™

    The Tire Anomaly and Classification System (TACS™) screens commercial vehicles at weigh station …

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  • Overheight Vehicle Detection System

    IRD's Overheight Vehicle Detection System reduces collisions between motorists and overhead structur…

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  • Truck Rollover Advisory System

    IRD's Truck Rollover Advisory System determines when a potential rollover condition exists based on …

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  • Downhill Truck Speed Advisory System

    The Downhill Truck Speed Advisory System integrates Weigh In Motion (WIM), Dynamic Message Signs (DM…

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  • Signal Preemption System

    The IRD signal preemption system uses WIM technology to detect runaway trucks on a steep grade which…

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  • Anti-Icing Systems

    Using the microFAST technology developed by Boschung and patented worldwide, the de-icing agent can …

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  • Road Condition Monitoring

    roadALERT provides advanced Road Condition Monitoring and includes everything needed to quickly begi…

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