iAVC™ – Intelligent Automatic Vehicle Classification

Today’s concessionaires are looking for a fair and equitable method of charging for the use of the highway. What toll operators need is a system that can distinguish between different classes of vehicles, including light trucks, and motorcycles/mopeds.

For automated toll collection systems, this information has to be provided by sensors that operate reliably at highway speeds. Using currently available technologies, this usually means combining multiple expensive systems to achieve adequate performance.

To meet the needs of the tolling industry, IRD has developed the VectorSense™ Tire Sensor Suite – a sensor and measurement technology that provides vehicle data including axle spacing, axle width, lane position, single/dual tire type and vehicle speed – all from a single sensor suite.

IRD's iAVC™ integrates with automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) camera technology, automatic vehicle identification (AVI) technology, and complementary non-intrusive or in-road sensor technology.

IRD's iAVC™ can be used in both stop-and-go toll collection lane applications, as well as high-speed multilane free-flow applications. iAVC™ technology is suitable for open-road tolling and closed-road toll collection systems.


  • Intelligent vehicle detection using the IRD VectorSense™ Tire Sensor Suite
  • Detects number of tires and tire type on each axle for enhanced vehicle classification (single, dual, and wide base tires) - includes classification of motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles


  • Lower cost relative to other automatic vehicle classification technologies for toll systems, such as machine vision or loop signature detection
  • Speed-independent: The IRD VectorSense™ Tire Sensor Suite provides accurate vehicle classification at high or low speeds
  • Quick installation:  Axles sensors can be installed over inductive loop in 2.5 in (6.5 cm) wide slots
  • Easily integrated with IRD WIM@Toll™ to enhance truck tolling systems with advanced classification and safety screening

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