Anti-Icing Systems

Using the microFAST technology developed by Boschung and patented worldwide, the de-icing agent can be applied to various types of road surface in a fine, invisible and dense stream. The spraying period and the volume of de-icing agent can be individually configured and fully automatically controlled by the ice early warning system, so that preventative spraying is possible before ice has formed.

The microFAST technology is reliable and requires minimal maintenance. With a maximum installed depth of 40 mm, the system can be easily installed and operated at any location, even on bridges.

  • Self-contained pumping Cabinet
  • Supply tank (self supply option)
  • microFAST Strips cover up to 1/2 mile (2 lane)
  • Optional atmospheric and pavement sensors for full automation
  • Pre-assembled/Tested Components


A microFAST installation is an economical way to provide an optimal spray pattern for anti-icing. microFAST is ideal for anti-icing of troublesome road surface areas such as:

  • Parking Decks
  • Toll Booths
  • Sharp Curves
  • Tunnel Entrances and Exits
  • Short Steep Hills
  • Taxiways and Runways
  • Bridge Decks
  • Segmental Box Beam Bridges
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