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About Us

IRD Vision

Safe, efficient and enjoyable travel on all roadways

IRD Mission

Deliver Intelligent Transportation Systems and Transportation Intelligence to road owners, operators and users worldwide.

IRD Team Covenant

  • Treat our customers, team members and partners with respect, dignity and integrity
  • Through technical leadership drive development of innovative solutions and products for our markets
  • Through Kaizen, provide outstanding products, solutions and unsurpassed service that deliver premium value on time
  • Focus on Continuous Improvement and promote a culture that provides value through the relentless pursuit of excellence
  • Work together to meet our customers’ needs
  • Make things better by doing things right, but more importantly by doing the right thing
  • Make timely and sensible decisions and support these decisions once taken
  • Hold each other mutually accountable to this covenant

What We Do

IRD (International Road Dynamics Inc.) is a multi-discipline, technology company with the expertise to integrate complementary ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) technologies into systems designed to solve unique and challenging transportation problems. IRD is the one source company that can offer multi-systems solutions by integrating a number of different technologies to the desired functionality.

IRD's Multi-Systems Solutions include:

  • Weight Enforcement
  • Data Collection 
  • Toll Collection
  • Bridge Monitoring & Safety
  • Access Control & Security
  • Highway Traffic Management Systems (HTMS)
  • Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) Scales & Sensors
  • Traffic Products
  • Traffic Safety
  • Service & Maintenance

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