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IRD's Technology Aims to Improve Truck Safety in the Netherlands

SASKATOON, SK – June 27, 2018 – The Netherlands National Road and Water Management Agency (Rijkswaterstaat) installed IRD’s Tire Anomaly and Classification System (TACS) on the A16 Motorway South of Rotterdam in mid-2018. The TACS system detects tire anomalies including low air pressure and flat tires or potentially unsafe tires on trucks and is installed in the main lanes monitoring tires at highway speeds.

In the next phase of the project, wireless communications will be added to the TACS system to immediately and automatically inform registered trucks with tire anomalies of their potentially unsafe condition. The intent is to facilitate quicker corrective action thus improving road safety and decreasing the potential of traffic flow disruption.

TACS Tire Pressure System

Rish Malhotra, IRD’s Vice President of International Business, commented, “This project has generated significant interest worldwide. We detect tire anomalies in all tire configurations including singles, duals and super singles. We are excited about the opportunities presented by our innovative TACS product and the opportunity to optimize TACS for other applications. We are also working on the correlation of variation of tire pressure with fuel consumption with the goal to optimize the fuel consumption of vehicles.”

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