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29 Dec, 20

IRD’s New iSINC® Electronics W4 Offers Security and Performance Enhancements

  • The W4 Module provides  the latest security enhancements for real-time controllers
  • Increased processing power enables more options for screening vehicles and enhanced algorithms for Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) direct enforcement requirements

iSINC Weigh In Motion (WIM) Controller W4 Module

SASKATOON, SK, Dec. 29, 2020 – International Road Dynamics Inc. (“IRD” or the “Company”), a Quarterhill Inc. (“Quarterhill”) company (TSX: QTRH) (OTCQX: QTRHF), announced today the availability of an improved control module for the company’s flagship Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) electronics.

IRD’s Intelligent Sensor Interface and Network Controller (iSINC®) is a rugged, reliable, low power system that performs a broad range of ITS functions including data collection, web-based traffic monitoring, and weigh-station automation. The modular nature of the iSINC makes it suited to sites of almost any lane configuration and ensures that Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) systems using it are upgraded to meet future needs. As a recognized industry leader with a thorough understanding of clients’ WIM system requirements, IRD continues to lead the way in building the next generation of commercial vehicle safety systems and data solutions on the enhanced iSINC platform. 

The new iSINC W4 module replaces IRD’s iSINC W3 modules. The W4 is a plug-in module that configures, monitors, and controls all connected iSINC equipment, and aggregates sensor module reports to build sophisticated data collection and commercial vehicle operation (CVO) systems. The W4 facilitates management, analysis and report generation of traffic data collected by WIM systems and virtual weigh stations. The W4 module also logs operating conditions and system health – a feature utilized by IRD’s Intelligent Maintenance Management System (iMMS™). 

The new W4 module incorporates a multi-core processor to work up to 3x faster for enhanced system performance. The W4 is capable of running more complex algorithms than the previous module. With the multiple-core architecture, WIM system performance is not affected by downloads or maintenance management processes. This translates to potential for more complex and more extensively automated weigh station environments including those designed for direct enforcement of overweight commercial vehicles. 

Cybersecurity was a major driver in the development of the W4 module. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are increasingly more web-enabled, with iSINC controllers, in particular, being used by IRD’s VI2M™ cloud-based data reporting software and iMMS™ networked infrastructure monitoring software. As attacks against web-enabled ITS system endpoints increase, the new W4 offers enhancements to tiered access, user management, and other security upgrades that safeguard against cybersecurity threats.  

iSINC Roadside Weigh In Motion (WIM) Electronics

The W4 is backwards compatible with iSINC systems that used the previous W3 modules. The new W4 is available in two standard rack system widths. Cards compatible with racks that were designed for W3 modules have 6 HP faceplates. Alternatively, a narrower 4 HP card allows for the addition of a second W4 card.  Depending on the system configuration, this potentially reduces the number of subracks required in the iSINC. 

All new enhancements to IRD weigh station control software and iSINC data reporting software are being developed utilizing the enhanced W4 platform. The increased processing capability of the W4 provides a platform to handle expanded functionality into the future. The W4 is designed for a world of ever expanding, higher-volume communications that require faster data transfer to networks. IRD representatives look forward to discussing upgrade opportunities with users of previous versions of iSINC WIM controllers. 

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