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International Road Dynamics Inc. honored with Kistler WIM Award

Kistler celebrates 4,000 Lineas WIM sensors sold to long term customer International Road Dynamics Inc.

Winterthur, March 2019

The Kistler Group announced today that it has presented its first Weigh In Motion (WIM) Award to International Road Dynamics Inc. (IRD), a Quarterhill Inc., company located in Saskatoon Canada, in appreciation of IRD’s dedication to excellence in the transportation industry. WIM technology is central to supporting infrastructure improvements and longevity. The award signals Kistler’s commitment to IRD as a trusted and valued customer. Almost 2,000 of the over 25,000 lanes of WIM systems installed by IRD since 1980 have used Kistler WIM technology. In its 20-year relationship, IRD has installed over 4,000 Lineas quartz WIM sensors which have made vital contributions to infrastructure planning and road safety.

Last week Jeffrey Rice, Road & Traffic Sales Manager at Kistler Instruments Novi, MI presented the award to Randy Hanson, President and CEO of IRD. “It was a pleasure to hand the award over to a trusted customer like IRD in the presence of the whole IRD team. We greatly value our long-standing relationship and appreciate that IRD has trusted Kistler technology for more than 20 years.”

Since 1998, IRD has purchased more than 4,000 Lineas quartz WIM sensors Type 9195, which can be found in many installations in North America, and are currently deployed in 48 states in the U.S. The Connecticut and Maine Departments of Transportation were early adopters of the Kistler technology, where Lineas was installed and supported by IRD, to capture WIM data for road planning purposes. Most recently IRD installed Kistler Lineas WIM sensors in Colorado at Loma and Trinidad and will soon install at the Fort Collins Ports of Entry. At these sites, the Lineas sensors are used to detect overloaded commercial vehicles and sort them to static scales for enforcement before allowing these vehicles to travel through the state, thus protecting road infrastructure and improving traffic safety.

In another recent project, IRD supplied and supervised the installation of WIM equipment at 16 sites throughout North Dakota. The equipment, which includes Kistler Lineas quartz WIM sensors and associated components, is operated by North Dakota Highway Patrol. IRD has supplied equipment to the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) since the early 1990s.

Working together to improve road safety 

Looking back on the company's 20-year partnership with Kistler, Randy Hanson, President and CEO, commented: “As a pioneer in the WIM industry with almost 40 years of experience and $1 billion of equipment delivered and installed worldwide, IRD’s approach has always been to use the best suited WIM solution depending on site conditions and customer requirements. IRD is proud of our long-term relationship with Kistler and is pleased to have reached this milestone which demonstrates the suitability of Kistler Lineas quartz sensors for most WIM applications. IRD is pleased to work with partners such as Kistler who share a common vision of customer service and quality. We look forward to continuing this partnership with Kistler and working with them now and in the future!”

Real-time traffic data made easy, with Kistler's unique WIM technology

WIM systems based on Kistler technology support highway operators and authorities across the globe. They are used in applications such as traffic data collection, bridge protection, weight enforcement and weight-based toll collection. Easily installed in saw-cut or milled slots in concrete or asphalt roads, the unique maintenance-free quartz crystal strip sensors can collect and process traffic data without disruption to the traffic flow. With over 50,000 Lineas sensors already installed worldwide, Kistler's WIM technology is internationally recognized as the solution of choice to protect road infrastructure, improve traffic safety, and collect weight-based toll fees.

This new award honors companies who demonstrate outstanding commitment to excellence in the transportation industry. Future Kistler Road Traffic award winners will be selected based on performance criteria in product deployment, quality of service and installations, customer care as well as for other outstanding achievements.

IRD has already installed 4,000 Kistler Lineas WIM sensors.
(Image Source Kistler Group)

IRD installing Kistler Lineas WIM sensors in Colorado, USA.

(Image Source Kistler Group)

Jeffrey Rice, Road Traffic Sales Manager - Americas, hands over the award to Randy Hanson, President and CEO of IRD.
(Image Source Kistler Group)

WIM award for achieving a milestone of 4,000 Lineas WIM sensors installed, goes to IRD.

(Image Source Kistler Group)


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