iCOMS Non-Intrusive Detection Systems

iCOMS Detections, an IRD subsidiary, has 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing radar detectors and equipment for vehicle counting, classification and speed measurement. iCOMS offers solutions for intersections, speed warning and traffic data collection.

Radar detectors are an essential part of traffic signal control systems, mitigating traffic congestion through smoother traffic flows. An additional benefit of radar-equipped control systems is a reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

In speed warning systems, radar detectors are coupled with LED displays that indicate driver speed. These systems help improve traffic safety by providing feedback to drivers and encouraging changes in driver behavior. Speed warning systems are effective in both temporary and permanent applications, and are especially important where vulnerable pedestrians are at risk.

Intelligent Transportation Systems need accurate traffic data. iCOMS develops and manufactures microwave equipment to count, classify and measure the speed of vehicles. Whether you need portable units or fixed data acquisition systems, we have a solution.

Counters & Classifiers:

Intersection Detection:

Radar Warnings & Variable Message Signs:

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VI²M is a web-based information management platform for commercial vehicle operations and traffic data collection.
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