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05-09 Oct, 19

2019 AASHTO Annual Meeting

St. Louis, Missouri

TRB Annual Meeting

St. Louis, MO, USA
October 5 - 9, 2019

AASHTO holds three annual meetings: the Washington Briefing, Spring Meeting and Annual Meeting, along with many standing and subcommittee meetings. The Board of Directors meets twice a year, usually in May during our Spring Meeting and again in the fall during the Annual Meeting to discuss, review and approve official positions on legislative proposals, the development of official policy statements, membership dues, adoption of the Association’s strategic plan, changes in the Associations Articles of Incorporation and bylaws, the establishment of the Standing Committees, Subcommittees, Special Committees, and all other policy matters pertaining to the operation or activities of the Association.

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Representing IRD at AASHTO Annual Meeting will be:

Peter Fedechko - VP North American Sales

Randy Hanson - Executive VP and COO
Michael Wieck - VP ITS Data Solutions

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