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05 Apr 2018

Security: Every Detail Matters

Peter Siarkos
Product Sales Specialist (Security & Defense)

In the security industry, every detail matters. Machine vision systems play an important role in our industry today.

After being involved in advanced access control & transportation systems, I became interested in learning about machine vision and how it has helped International Road Dynamics (IRD) advance security intelligence for customers all around the world. Before looking at the advantages of machine vision in IRD’s security systems, it is important to take a moment to briefly review the history of machine vision and to understand what machine vision really is.

History of Machine Vision

The history of machine vision stemmed from when Lawrence Gilman Roberts, a famous scientist wrote his Ph.D. thesis in 1961 on machine perception of three-dimensional solids at MIT. Roberts argued that a computer would be able to extract 3D geometric information from a 2D photograph. As a result of his research, technology companies began manufacturing smart cameras in the late ’80s to be used for various applications.

What is Machine Vision Today?

Today, machine vision incorporates camera sensors, hardware, and complex software algorithms to automate sophisticated visual inspection processes. Key applications for such technology include biometrics, quality inspection in manufacturing, pharmaceutical inspection, and traffic and surveillance monitoring.

IRD and Machine Vision Technology

As a leading technology company for over 37 years and as a manufacturer, supplier, and integrator of intelligent transportation and access control systems, IRD uses machine vision to identify, detect, and control optical threats. 

Machine Vision and Intelligent Optical Threat Detection

IRD is a leading manufacturer of Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) and has supplied UVIS systems for a variety of different applications all around the world. These applications may include ports, banks, borders, theme parks, weigh stations, toll stations, embassies, and resorts. IRD manufactures two different types of systems: (1) Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) – which is a video-based system for under vehicle inspection and (2) Under Vehicle Area Scanner (UVAS) – which is a machine-vision-based automatic under vehicle inspection system.

Under Vehicle Surveillance System for Access Control
UVSS adds efficient visual inspection to access control systems

IRD’s Under Vehicle Inspection Systems are used to help operators detect, identify, and control optical threats including explosives, contraband, weapons, and other suspicious items hidden in the undercarriage of vehicles.

IRD’s UVAS uses the latest technology in machine vision providing superior quality color area scanning of vehicles. IRD uses Machine Vision Color Area Scanning with state-of-the-art lighting to provide enhanced illumination, staging to provide advanced scanning stability, and a cutting-edge sapphire lens to provide optimal clarity.

Under Vehicle Inspection System - Area Scanner - Under Vehicle Image
UVAS images show the full vehicle length in real time and in full color

Other Systems in the Market vs. IRD

There are other systems in the security industry that use less advanced technology. In my research, I have found that there are some limitations associated with these other systems. These limitations could include scanning vehicles at slow speeds, optical distortion, lower scanning resolution, and longer image processing times. In addition to this, some systems only provide black and white images with no support for color scanning.

By using industry-leading machine vision technology, IRD is able to provide:

  • Scanning of vehicles traveling at slow and fast speeds (up to 75 km/h).

  • Support for high resolution and full color and/or black and white images.

  • Distortion-free image capture of vehicles.

  • Ultra-fast processing times.

Growing security threats make visual inspection technology essential

Machine vision cameras play a crucial role in security and surveillance. In response to growing security threats, IRD’s under vehicle inspection systems and access control solutions will meet and exceed some of the most complex security requirements from around the world.

IRD understands that “in the security industry, every detail matters”. As technology continues to evolve, IRD leads the market as a manufacturer, supplier, and integrator of cutting-edge intelligent transportation and access control systems.

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