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01 Nov 2017

IRD Presents Papers at ITS World Congress

IRD presented two papers at this year’s ITS World Congress that focused on innovation in commercial vehicle enforcement and the use of data from commercial vehicle operations. Rish Malhotra, IRD’s Vice President of International Business, presented a paper on new automation technologies for commercial vehicle safety screening. Michael Wieck, Vice President of ITS Data Solutions, presented a paper on central data management for truck compliance and mobility. 

Rish Malhotra at ITS World Congress 2017The subject of Rish Malhotra’s paper is automated inspection technologies. IRD has been very involved in the development and implementation of new technologies to assist commercial vehicle enforcement agencies in their objectives. These systems typically include the use of weigh-in-motion sensors coupled with vehicle identification technologies to allow compliant commercial vehicles to bypass inspection facilities. While weigh-in-motion sensors are effective at screening for overweight vehicles, new sensor technology is offering the ability to screen for other safety defects at highway speed. This paper describes several of these new technologies: tire anomaly and classification systems, hazardous materials placard reader systems, automated thermal imaging systems, and under vehicle area scanning.

Download Rish’s full paper: Automation Technologies for Commercial Vehicle Safety Screening (pdf - 891 KB)

Michael Wieck’s paper focuses on the benefits of using the information collected from commercial vehicle operations to not only improve the underlying operations (e.g. truck compliance checks), but also contribute to solving bigger challenges arising today in the area of freight transportation and mobility. These challenges include lack of consistency of freight data, providing linkages across network segments, and integrating other data sources to obtain a more complete picture of truck and freight movements. Centralized data collection solutions can improve truck mobility and thereby freight mobility via a larger data sample, more complete data with enhanced data security and improved access for authorized parties to the data and the information being created through analysis. Utilizing these solutions will also improve safety on our road network, on the freeway network as well as in urban environments, playing a key role in future Smart City applications.

Download Michael’s full paper: Innovations in Central Data Management for Truck Compliance and Mobility - Vehicle Information in Motion (pdf - 484 KB)

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