Wisconsin Mainline Weight Enforcement Systems

Project Description:

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) and Wisconsin State Patrol recognized the need to expand and improve their commercial vehicle compliance enforcement program, by providing more complete coverage for vehicle weights, dimensions, and credential compliance. Furthermore, they recognized a comprehensive approach was required to ensure the best value was provided by implementing a complete state-wide enforcement program. Portable enforcement was increased and updated and virtual weigh stations were introduced to complement traditional vehicle inspection activities.

The program combines fixed SWEF (Safety & Weight Enforcement Facilities), Portable Enforcement, and Virtual Weigh Stations to complement traditional enforcement strategies.

Planning for these construction projects and activities encompassed several years and involved many different state agencies, consultants, suppliers and specialists.

Madison Safety & Weight Enforcement Facility (SWEF), I-39 SB - replacement of an old facility at the existing location including two Virtual Weigh Stations

Beloit I-39 NB – New SWEF at a new location

Beloit I-43 NB – Virtual Weigh Station to complement the new Beloit I-39 SWEF

Hurley USH-2 – Virtual Weigh Station used for enforcement on the Wisconsin-Michigan State Line (used for enforcement, data collection, and bridge monitoring)

Milwaukee Zoo Interchange Virtual Weigh Station (used for enforcement, data collection, and bridge monitoring)

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