North Carolina Mount Airy Weigh Station

Project Description:

This is the first system with LPR (License Plate Reader) in the state of North Carolina. 

The system is located close to the Virginia-North Carolina border. The project upgrades the existing weigh station by adding a sorter on the ramp without affecting current functionality. The sorter consists of quartz sensors, LPR, Side View camera, and AVI reader that feed to an IRD iSinc controller. The system sorts vehicles based on credentials and weight. If a vehicle has a credential or weight violation, it will be signalled to report by a Lane Control Sign otherwise it will be signalled to bypass.

The static scale can operate manually or automatically by hold and release software installed on the operator workstation. The hold and release software has timers to hold the vehicle on the static scale for a configurable time to weigh it and then release it by turning the traffic light to green.    

This system is the 3rd ramp sorter system in the state for IRD.

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