Botswana Dibete Weigh Station

Project Description:

IRD supplied and installed two iSINC® Weigh-in-Motion mainline sorter systems at the Dibete Weigh Station, located approximately 100 km North of Gabarone. These systems each consist of three lanes of Bending Plate scales in the road, license plate and side-view vehicle camera support, and integration with a static scale interface.

There is a two lane road that runs North/South and then tees off to the weigh station.  In the Northbound direction only one lane of travel is instrumented (HSWIM lane).  In the Southbound direction two lanes are instrumented (HSWIM lane and Classification lane).  The HSWIMs and classification lanes consist of a loop – staggered bending plate – loop configuration.  For each HSWIM lane there is also a side-fire camera and a side fire license plate camera.  In each direction there is signing and tracking loops in the outermost lane.  The vehicles in HSWIM lanes are signalled to either report to the weigh station or bypass the weigh station.  Vehicles in the classification lane are not signalled by the system.

After the vehicles travel across the HSWIM they are required to report to the weigh station. They have a limited time to get there otherwise they are flagged as absconding vehicles.

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