iSINC® ITS System Electronics

The iSINC® Electronics form the core of IRD's traffic and truck Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) systems. Out of the box, iSINC® performs a broad range of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) functions, from data collection and web-based traffic monitoring, to weigh-station automation. IRD can configure the iSINC® to control LPR cameras (license plate readers), USDOT readers, message signs, AVI (automatic vehicle identification), dimension sensors and weigh-in-motion scales. Regardless of your site’s requirements, there is an iSINC® configuration that will meet your ITS system electronics needs.


  • Real-time operation and integration
  • Powerful multi-tasking software
  • Hardened electronics and weatherproof enclosures


  • Virtual Weigh Stations
  • CVISN Preclearance Systems
  • Traffic Data Collection
  • Weight Enforcement - WIM and Static Scales
  • Border Crossing and Bridge Monitoring
  • Other ITS Applications

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