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ITS World Congress 2017Montreal, CA

ITS World Congress 2017

The Montreal World Congress 2017, the event where policy, real world deployment and future ideas will come together to advance integrated mobility, Smart Cities and the next generation of transportation through intelligent transportation systems. Autonomy and connectivity, artificial intelligence, infrastructure developments, cloud technologies, data, privacy, cyber issues, traffic management, smart city deployment efforts, research and academic initiatives and a look at the world’s view of public policy around the next generation of transportation will take center stage. If you have undertaken research on an advanced topic in any of these areas, the World Congress International Program Committee invites you to submit your findings for potential presentation in Montreal.

IRD will also have two team members presenting papers at ITS World Congress. Rish Malhotra, VP International Business, will be presenting a paper titled 'Automation Technologies for Commercial Vehicle Safety Screening'. In it, Rish will discuss several new technologies that will allow for vehicle safety screening at highway speeds: Tire Anomaly and Classification Systems, Hazardous Goods Identification/Tracking Systems, Automated Thermal Imaging Systems and Automated Under Vehicle Area Scanners.
Rish Malhotra
October 31 - Session TS66
4:45 to 6:00 P.M.
Michael Wieck, IRD's VP of ITS Data Solutions, will be presenting a paper titled 'Innovations in Central Data Management for Truck Compliance and Mobility - Vehicle Information in Motion'. Michael will be discussing how truck compliance monitoring has matured over the years, and how more complete data collection systems will play a key role in future Smart City applications.
Michael Wieck
November 1 - Session TS92
4:45 to 6:00 P.M.
Come see us at Booth #1823. Representing IRD at ITS World Congress will be:

Terry Bergan

Terry Bergan - President & CEO

Randy Hanson

Randy Hanson - Executive V.P. and Chief Operating Officer

Rish Malhotra

Rish Malhotra - Vice President - International Business

Michael Wieck

Michael Wieck - Vice President - ITS Data Solutions

Hong Fang

Hong Fang - Toll Solutions Specialist

Peter Fedechko

Peter Fedechko - Sr. Project Manager, Capital Projects

Donna Bergan

Donna Bergan - Marketing Manager

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